20 Super Worse Advertising Slogans And Taglines You Will Ever See

Worse Advertising Slogan

Slogans and taglines are very essential for a brand’s positioning in the market. They only change in their scope: a tagline serves a whole business, while a slogan usually only serves a single product or is a part of a special advertising campaign. Dan Cullen-Shute, chief executive and co-founder of the advertising agency, Creature London, says, “We live in a world where brands think they need ‘purpose’.” Brands want their audiences not only to understand a product but also to compare it with a higher purpose. That’s where slogans and taglines come in – the most useful ones capture this higher meaning in a great way.

The More You Play With It, The Harder It Gets

Sitting On Faces Since 2001

Nothing Sucks Like An Electrolux

Good Luck

Something For Every Hole

The Best Things In Life Come In Cellophane

Men Are Better Than Women!

Cheat On Your Girlfriend, Not On Your Workout

Imagine More Snacks Than You Can Imagine

She Can Have A Tummy... And Still Look Yummy!


You Can Never Be Too Thin; Tastes As Good As Skinny FeelsVa-Dry-Na?

Wow Way

The Beer That Beer Would Drink

It's Amazing What You Can Do With Two Fingers And A Thumb

If We Can't Have Fresh Air, At Least We Can Have Fresh Muffins

You Only Know What You're Made Of When You've Been Stuffed A Few Times

Look Like A Girl, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, Work Like A Boss


Painfully Thick

She's Seen More Ceilings... Than Michelangelo; You're Not Popular... You're Easy

Lose Weight Deliciously With The Aid Of Ayds

White Is PurityOpen Your Snack Hole

Went Shopping And Found This Ad Promoting Safe Sex

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