20 Times People Discovered Hilarious Puns And Shared Them


The pun is often a misunderstood form of comedy. Most of us, if you asked what we think of puns, would say we find them groan-worthy and compare them with dad jokes. But there’s so much you can do with language – it’s such a large category of humor that even if you think you can’t stand puns, there’s forced to be one out there for you too. Not to consider, dad jokes have actually been having a wave of popularity in recent years.

Wholesome Too

Pun Game Strong

Stolen Antidepressants

It Shall Commence On 4/20

Knife Shirt Time

Was Told This Belonged Here

Sick Doggo.

I Hate This

Still Up For Sale?



This Is Dangerous.

Hooker Furniture

P(●●l) Watch

Found One

Ryan Reynolds Everybody!

He’s Got A Pun

Where Are Our Desssssks




One Day Canada Will Take Over The World!!!

Rich People

Those Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones, Bones In Glass Coffins, Remain Around Stone.

Park Ranger Is A Soldier.


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