20 TV Finales That Ruined The Perfect Show

Making a hit show might not be very difficult but ending one is certainly very hard, pleasing the fans is quite hard and giving them all closure all at once is not an easy task, check out 20 shows which ended badly for the fans.

1. That ’70s Show


“The show should have ended when Eric and Kelso left. And whose idea was it to have Jackie end up with Fez?! Jackie and Hyde deserved another chance.”

madison murray

2. Friends


“Something just felt off about the ending, specifically the finale. The last season as a whole just didn’t feel right.”


3. Sherlock


“It was such a good show up until that last episode. They ruined it by making it all about Sherlock’s secret sister and having to play her crazy game. It should have just been something sweet between Mycroft, John, and Sherlock, like them solving one last case together.”


There’s been talk of a potential fifth season, though, so hopefully this isn’t how the series actually ends!

4. Gossip Girl

The CW

“I hated how everyone forgave Dan for making their lives hell as Gossip Girl and that Serena chose to be with him. She should have ended up with Nate!”


5. ALF


“The family spent the whole show protecting ALF, only for the series to end with the FBI capturing him.”


6. How I Met Your Mother


“They seriously had us watch an entire season about Barney and Robin’s wedding, only for them to break up? We barely get to see Ted and Tracy’s relationship and then she dies? Seriously?!”


7. Pretty Little Liars


“Really, THAT’S how they chose to end it? With Spencer having an evil twin? Surely the writers could’ve come up with something better. The writers created so many unnecessary and nonsensical plotlines just to try to make the ending work, and the finale left me more confused than ever.”


8. Dexter


“I refuse to even acknowledge that the final season exists. Leaving Harrison with Hannah and becoming a lumberjack?! No!”


9. Glee


“They spent the last two seasons ruining Blaine as a character, introducing increasingly less interesting characters, and turning Sue from funny to downright scary.”


10. The Sopranos


“I stared blankly at the screen for so long after the finale aired. I’d become so invested in the show that ending it like that with zero closure was frustrating. I’ve come to appreciate the ending after all this time, but it still devastated me.”


11. Scream


“I absolutely loved the first two seasons with Emma, Audrey, Brooke, and Noah, but then they left us on a cliffhanger after the Halloween special. And then Season 3 was a whole new cast and nothing like the first two seasons.”


12. The Secret Life of the American Teenager


Having Amy run off to New York and leave John and Ricky behind was absolutely devastating. I understand Amy not wanting to get married yet, but she just abandoned her son?!

13. 7th Heaven

The CW

“I invested 11 years in that show, just for it to end with the family abandoning everything and driving off in an RV.”


14. Scrubs


“The show should’ve ended a season earlier, as planned. Season 8 would have been absolutely perfect as a finale, but they ruined it by deciding to do another season anyways. Season 9 is by far the worst of the show and is missing most of the characters who made the show special in the first place.”


15. Dinosaurs


“It was such a funny, lighthearted show. Having it end with the characters knowingly awaiting their inevitable deaths was HORRIBLE.”


16. The Originals

The CW

“Like, ‘Yeah, let’s just kill off all the main characters everyone loves! The end!'”


17. As Told by Ginger


“I loved that they split up Ginger and Darren, because the majority of high school couples don’t stay together forever. Then they completely ruined it by having them get married.”


18. Elite


They spent seasons building up Samuel and Carla and Guzman and Nadia, only for neither couple to end up together. They wasted all of Season 3 on new characters and romances that nobody cared about, when they could have let us finally see our favorite couples be happy instead. This technically wasn’t the series finale, but Season 4 is rumored to have a completely new cast.

19. Castle


“It seemed like they were fully planning another season and then found out it wasn’t getting renewed, so they just threw something together for the finale. It was bad.”


20. Merlin


“I will never forgive the writers for the final episode. So many issues — Arthur dying when he’s supposed to have this great destiny, killing so many of the great characters off, and the whole van-driving-past-at-the-end thing. When I rewatch the series, I skip the last couple of episodes and read fanfics instead.”


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