2018 Trends In eSports Betting


This market is set for a boom this year as per investor sentiments as well as reports that have come in from the entertainment sector. As these events are soaring new heights in the valuation of media rights, the industry sees a fresh lease of life this year as it enters into the entertainment segment of online players and offers innovative ways for players to bet and be part of electric events. The boom that is seen in the e-sports segment is just the beginning, and as the year continues, it will start to rise even more.

There are several reasons why eSports betting can captivate players and betting enthusiasts.  An option of putting a bet on a favorite team of an eSports event leads to more user engagement. The rise of mobile betting and most online casinos offering such options is also allowing the trend to build further.

Events in eSports betting this year

This year the FIFA World Cup came and with Russia hosting the world level soccer matches, it also got the attention of the online community of sports betting with the opportunities it offered. There were several teams, analyses were done and players on the list of eSports sites. Professional punters were working out the winning probabilities for eSports betting enthusiasts to wager their money on the different teams, matches or players. Bookies released different master plans as well as the features of these events to offer odds in different ways on the World Cup matches. Different sites offered varied bonus programs as well as sports-based incentives based around the World Cup matches.

This was a high investment event that rarely comes from and was a global event that was enchased upon by the world of eSports betting. Bookmakers designed novel offers and features based on different aspects of this event such as matches, players, teams, and the probability of wins in these categories.

Betting in virtual eSports games

The world of virtual games and betting on the same is becoming more sophisticated. Virtual sports and gaming in this world include both the reality as well as programmable events. Virtual gaming combined with betting brings in several advantages such as players being able to bet at their own pace, time and the game turnout and results are published much faster as compared to real game events. Virtual games comprise of virtual horse races, tennis matches, football matches where the games are run by software, regulated by a random number generation method which rules casino games as well.

2017 saw a tepid rise in the world of virtual sports and betting on these events. The odds, bonuses, and content were repeated on most of the casino sites. The traditional gameplay of such matches comprises a virtual tournament being witnessed by players in a single night if they wish to as they can fast forward through the different matches. Today levels of personalization have been brought into this model and players can opt to create teams, play through tournaments in managing the events themselves as well as placing bets on matches. This flexibility is offered through technological advancements that have come by. However, it does require an understanding of the gaming platform by the bookmakers as well as virtual gambling features which need to be understood by the players.

Rise in app-based bets

App-based betting is also poised to rise. Indeed, with eSports betting available in apps, the trend is set to pick up more among online gaming enthusiasts. Several leading bookmaker services offer casino apps that include eSports betting as well. There are odds offered for virtual as well as real match events on these apps. Live matches can be streamed live on these apps, and that leads to more players and enthusiasts following the games and betting on the same.

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