2020 Vision – 5 Movie Location Vacays For Next Year


With special effects, blue screen tech and VR, it’s not uncommon to see a jaw-droppingly spectacular location on the silver screen and say to yourself – ‘that can’t be real!’.

But there are some real-life movie backdrops that are so stunning that they seem genuinely otherworldly because they’re so dramatically different from the terrains we traverse in everyday life.

However, if you’ve got the time and budget, 2020 could be the perfect year for a bucket-list vacay that takes in some of the world’s most iconic real-life film destinations.

With that in mind, here are five movie location vacays for next year.

  1. Reach Falls, Jamaica

Want to pay homage to 80s Tom Cruise classic Cocktail while soaking up some sublime tropical vibes? Then make a splash at Jamaica’s spectacular Reach Falls – this hotspot hidden in the John Crow mountains even has a distinctive rabbit hole you can disappear down if you don’t want to dive right off the top.

  1. Hobbiton, New Zealand

If you’ve always felt more at home in Middle Earth than in the real world, you can indulge all of your Tolkien fantasies with a visit to Hobbiton – New Zealand filming location of The Lord Of The Rings movies. Unleash your inner Frodo at Hobbiton tours.

Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom

  1. Glenfinnan, Scotland

Every hardcore Harry Potter fan knows that Glenfinnan Viaduct was the stunning true-life location where the Hogwarts Express train steamed up a storm in the second and third installments of the franchise. Why not book a trip on the Jacobite steam train if you want to channel your inner Harry or Hermione while soaking up beautiful Scottish views?


  1. Petra, Jordan

Fans of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade will remember that Petra’s amazing red temple and tomb facades provided an awesome backdrop to the adrenalin-fueled action. Find out more about this UNESCO heritage site at visitjordan – but please don’t try to smuggle an Indy-style whip in your hand luggage for a photo op!

  1. Kualoa Ranch, Hawaii

The verdant green hills and valleys of Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii’s Oahu island will be familiar to fans of small screen series Lost and big-screen blockbuster Jurassic Park. This private nature reserve is one of the world’s prettiest spots, and when you’re tired of exploring, you can pause for a break and take a terrifying selfie with a life-size velociraptor.

Getting there

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That’s our list! But have we missed out on your favorite film location? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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