21 Best GIFs Of 2014

We all love Gifs, They are short and to the point and packed with a punch of 10 funny pics in less time (depending on your connection). So we have a collection of Gifs, We find it funny in 2014. Another year is passed and we been online for almost 2 years and it is been quite a ride, We hope you like to browse FizX and we really hope to see you guys a lot in 2015, Happy Holidays guys!

Reporter Tongue Freak.gif
The Sound of Uzis.gif 
Dog Fakeout.gif 
Escalator Arm.gif 
Pervy Dean.gif
Oatmeal Prisoner.gif 
Brush with Law.gif 
Come Here Piano.gif 
Uncomfortable Bed.gif
Emma Watson Exposed.gif
Sleeping Student.gif
Classroom Sneeze.gif
KISN8zavTTaGiVsJnMoO_Unexpected Snort.gif
Bird Escapes Death.gif
Tongue Out.gif
Man Gets Hit.gif
Bedtime Stairs.gif
I'll Save Him.gif
Let Fear Go Neo.gif
Knock Out Try Again.gif

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