21 Most Heart Warming Artworks


“Always wanting what you dont have. Sometimes it’s not always greener on the other side.”

Check out these heart warming art pieces which beautifully depicts our modern lives and some primitive ways. 2015 is about to close and we are getting into the unknown realm of drones and more “smart”phones and much dumber people. People become more sensitive to online topics and less concerned to life which they do not know is actually real and life. Check out these artworks below and you will know what I mean. Do tell me in the comments which art is the most honest to you.


Brainwashing with social media, That’s what it good at and that’s where we are our worst.


2 yrs smoke free. It was hard. But obtainable. You smokers can do it too!


He’s seen kissing up to whomever, but in his mind he’s showing how he really feels about them. Smh many people do this all the time.


“Likes are drugs. People will do anything for them”


Slight racism, the skin colour shouldn’t matter.


Satirical illustrations of people with smartphones portrayed on a date


The heart is in the mouth indicating that she’s eating it. Devouring. Barcode is on her heart like money. As if she can be bought. Shes a woman that can be bought with money. She doesn’t care for real love. It has way more meanings attached to it, depends on how long you look at it and what is your state of mind right now.


Greed and power over mother earth with a flood of tears coming from her. Makes you think.


You believe what you believe because that is what you were raised to believe. Not because it’s correct. Only a tiny few eventually throw off what they were raised to believe because they have logically concluded that it is not right.


She’s naked and everybody wants to know her story. She tapes her mouth closed and questions free expression because she clearly cant do what she wants to do without people being nosey due to criticism. Even if she did talk her words would get twisted.


Technology kills culture, I think it already did.


Woman now days look for the wrong qualities in a man. Such as muscle, money and luxury.



Don’t blame the kids. It’s the parents buying it and allowing them to be on it 24/7 — they don’t have a choice but to buy, no one can handle that much nagging.


People sacrifice their time and overall their lives for money.


Dying to be connected!


This is my absolute favorite, It’s a very well done piece of depression, depressed individuals always put a different mask on, so you can see an expression, but never know their interior hurt, it’s an amazing piece.


Facebook eating away your time and everyone attached to that time.

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