21 Times ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Emilia Clarke Owns The Instagram

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke‘s social media presence consists of excitable videos, Game of Thrones-related puns and basically just a load of photos of her being Mother of dragons. Breaker of Chains. Queen of Instagram!

1. The time she went for a walk with Neville Longbottom/Matthew Lewis and got chased by cows.

2. The time she showed us the less glamorous side of premieres.

3. The time she loved Ryan Gosling just like all of us.

4. This epic bit of Dubsmashing.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. To @schwarzenegger Thank you for the best tour ever….Hasta La Vista Baby. 🙌

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5. The time she said what we were all thinking.

6. The time she tested out Snapchat filters, like us all peasants.

7. The time she made a strong dragon-themed pun.

8. The time she celebrated making a million followers.

9. And two million…

10. …And, recently, a whopping three million because why not.

11. Clip from behind the scenes of Me Before You.

12. The time she unofficially auditioned for Star Wars.

13. The time she showed off her badass fashion accessories.

14. The time she posed with this befuddled dog.

15. And this cheerful dog.

16. This perfectly-staged snap, which will make you look twice.

17. The time she showed off her post-night out feet.

18. The time she posed IRL with Missandei.

19. And Theon Greyjoy.

Because Christmas is about finding your good side.. #hemayreekbuthesuretakesaprettypicture

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20. The time she showed off her festive singing.

21. And, of course, her very first post.


A photo posted by @emilia_clarke on

And the awesomeness continues in the future as well, So stay tuned.

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