22 Weird Stocking Fillers

Holidays are upon us and most of the people reading this are very worried about Christmas shopping but instead of doing something about that, You guys are reading this here.. No you can’t order online now it is too late for that. Get up, go out and buy something from the actual shop with living breathing and coughing humans!  Wait.. first finish this article after all I am writing this instead of shopping or drinking at some pub. My wife will kill me any minute now.

1. Chip Bag Re-Sealer


Price: $22

2. Citrus Spritzer


Price: $4.50

3. Spiral Slicer


Price: $13

4. Finger Food Utensils


Price: $25 for 6

5. Stuffed Burger Press


Price: $8.50

6. The Ultimate Cookie Spoon


Price: $3

7. PBJ Wallet


Price: $8.50

8. Bacon Bandages


Price: $7.50

9. Water Balloon Roulette

Water Balloon Roulette

Price: $16

10. Putty Office Cleaner

Putty Office Cleaner

Price: $10

11. Ninja Star Coat Hooks

Ninja Star Coat Hooks

Price: $11

12. USB Rechargeable Batteries

USB Rechargeable Batteries

Price: $16

13. Grocery Trip Grip

Grocery Trip Grip

Price: $5

14. Hidden Wall Safe

Hidden Wall Safe

Price: $5

15. Penis Shaped Egg Fryer

Penis Shaped Egg Fryer

Price: $8.50

16. Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Price: $6

17. Undies for Two

Undies for Two

Price: $10

18. Book Page Holder

Book Page Holder

Price: $5

19. Poop Soap

Poop Soap

Price: $14

20. Drink Clips

Drink Clips

Price: $22

21. Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Price: $5

22. Bill Murray Shower Curtain

Bill Murray Shower Curtain

Price: $68

And please don’t give these to your friends or family, They are really weird gift ideas.

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