23 Low-Budget Glamour Shots That Are Simply The Worst


Glamour Shots are supposed to make you look good. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for these unfortunate future models. [via 22words]

a99798_neck-brace-glamour-shot 812-1 512-1 1115-1135-1 314-1 a99798_xYwNtmm a99798_1ec54e78e899e6e1046fa65c7044087d1010-1 174-1 a99798_83433710 a99798_bad-glamour-shots-10413-1 912-1 613-1 a99798_funny-glamour12a99798_32 a99798_worst16  a99798_gun1a99798_gun1 a99798_enhanced-buzz-7131-1334334971-24 a99798_Screenshot-2014-03-19-22.40.50

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