25 Dark Comics-Style Illustrations

Dark Comics-Style Illustrations

Marcelo Ventura, a 36-year-old drawing hobbyist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who reimagines TV, movie, and video game as well as other pop culture characters all the way from the ‘80s and ‘90s in a darker, unglamorous, and sinister comic book style.

The Little Mermaid

Princess MeridaThe Strange Things KidsBaby YodaRick & Morty, Beavis And Butthead, South Park, & OthersThe Little PrincePo (Teletubbies) & Sadako (The Ring)Scooby & Shaggy & Into The WildBuzz Lightyear vs. AlienHarley Quinn & The JokersAlice The Madness ReturnsDumbo JokerPennywise & CoralineHotel TransylvaniaRick, Morty, & SummerPrincess Peach & YoshiVanellope & Wreck It Ralph Bananas In PyjamasCaptain PlanetBojack, Rick, Bender, & OthersPrincess Jasmine & The GeniePrincess Peach & Zombie Mario & LuigiFinn, Marceline, & JakeCaptain PlanetHim, Jessie, Cruella De Vil, & OthersMasha & The BearScooby & ShaggySorceress Of Castle Grayskull

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