25 Designers Turned Ordinary Things Into Masterpieces

The things that seem ordinary to us are a never-ending source of inspiration for designers. They can create true masterpieces using the most ordinary things.

When your hands get tired of watching movies on a smartphone:

A traffic light for the Jedi. In Ukraine.

You can wash your hands and then flush with the same water.

A curved escalator in China

A tap that shows which water is running

“My shoes photographed without flash and then again with flash.”

A Yoda bookend

A light that always paints the wall

Chamomile table

A bench and a lawn where you can have a rest

The floor is made of wooden lizards that are like a puzzle.

An ergonomic chair you won’t fall off from

An earring that turns an ear into a head

Origami cabinet doors

For those who love minimalism

A light that looks like a sunset

A pizza pool float for a group of friends

A cutting board with a drawer for trash

This calculator looks like a piano:

A walking stick with a built-in compass

These candleholders:

Pouring light lamp

Pacman ear piercing

A chair that saves space

Star-shaped clothes horse

My new hologram optical illusions lamp

Acrylic/wood chair


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