25 Fake Photos That Went Viral

25 Fake Photos That Went Viral

This collection of 25 of fake images are just mind boggling. I was always intrigued by how most of them made their “careers” with such fakes, but I have to admit that two of them got me fooled as well in the past but now after this video, Things got cleared up.  Some of them are humorous Photoshop attempts, but others have shocked public opinion and where believed to be true and dramatic. Take the famous picture of the guy standing on top of the World Trade Center with the plane apparently about to hit it. That photo shocked a lot of people until it was proved that it’s not real.

With social media out of everyone’s hand, Anything now can get viral proof or no proof, Real or not real doesn’t matter. Photos use to be the medium of belief but now we have tools to manipulate pictures beyond belief, The other day I was going through an article about how many time Kim Kardashian photoshopped her public appearance pictures before they been given to press. Even the ones on her Instagram or Twitter account get’s photoshopped before being surfaced (Not her hacked iCloud photos though they were real). I was amazed how much detail has been changed on those pictures, Even the tinniest fat from her inner thigh has been removed! INNER THIGH or whatever that place has been called. Just Google ‘Pics Photoshopped’ and you been slammed with results including every celebrity.

Back to subject, Watch the video below and be smacked by reality of fake pictures which you might think are real in the past. Video made by list25.

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