25 Hilarious “Star Wars” Behind The Scenes Facts From Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill — aka Luke Skywalker, Hero of the Rebellion — is on Twitter, and he’s marvelous. He communicates with fans, he jokes around, and he sometimes does the Star Wars behind-the-scenes trivia.

Here are some of the interesting Star Wars facts that Mark has tweeted over the years:

1. According to Mark, the original title for A New Hope was: The Adventures of Luke Starkiller As Taken From the Journal of the Whills Saga Number One: The Star Wars.

2. Sir Alec Guinness didn’t like it when people addressed him with his title, and even gave Mark a “fairly firm” slap in the face after he called him “Sir Alec” too many times.

3. Mark would tease Carrie Fisher about how Luke should be considered royalty as well…which Carrie VEHEMENTLY disagreed with.

4. The reveals concerning Vader/Luke and Luke/Leia weren’t written in the script in order to keep them a secret. The cast (including Mark) were told just a few days before filming those scenes.

5. In fact, during filming, the line in The Empire Strikes Back was “Obi Wan killed your father.” Mark, George Lucas, and director Irvin Kershner were the only ones who knew what the real line would be when James Earl Jones recorded it later on.

6. George Lucas reportedly claimed “there’s no underwear in space” to explain Mark’s wardrobe.

7. Mark once made a pun so terrible that George pushed him into the trash compactor water.

8. Mark idolized Peter Cushing (Grand Moff Tarkin) and would hang out on set even when he wasn’t on the call sheet.

9. Mark had to provide his actual face for this shot from ESB because the prop head they made wasn’t convincing enough.

10. The blue milk in ANH was so gross it made Mark gag.

11. However, the green milk in The Last Jedi was just delicious coconut water!

12. Mark wore an earpiece in order to properly hear Frank Oz’s lines during his scenes with Yoda. According to Mark, his earpiece would sometimes pick up radio signals.

13. Speaking of Frank Oz, he was not a fan of the cast and crew doing Yoda impressions (which apparently they did often), as he was afraid it would influence his version of the voice.

14. Most of the actors playing X-wing pilots in the Death Star attack in ANH were wearing shorts to keep cool.

15. Mark didn’t get to read the full script for A New Hope until after he was cast, and had a little regret that he couldn’t play Darth Vader.

16. George Lucas would say “it’s only a movie” to quell arguments among the actors about scene choices.

17. Mark popped a blood vessel in his eye while shooting the trash compactor scene.

18. Mark once flunked a Star Wars trivia quiz.







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