25 Kids Adorably Experiencing Something for the First Time

If you like the kids then this is the post for you. First expressions of these cuties are priceless.

First time seeing self in mirror:

First time holding his little sister:

First time holding a cat:

First photobomb:

First day of school (1984):

First letter home from camp:

First time at Hooters:

First time meeting a deer (and – how embarrassing – wearing the same outfit):

First time trying baby food:

First time seeing a toad:

First time meeting dad after a 14-month deployment at sea (1940s):

First time in the sprinklers:

First time tasting a lemon:

First time getting ready for a date:

First birthday cake:

First time driving a car:

First steps…interrupted:

First Christmas photo:

First time meeting a dog:

First time watching Jurassic Park:

First time seeing fireworks:

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