25 Movie Cliches That Annoy The Hell Out Of Everyone

Movies are bigger than ever now and part of our lives and they have grown bigger than ever particularly with advances in technology and cinematic quality, but there are some rules that never really change.

It is very hard to find any film that didn’t host at least some of Hollywood’s regularly relied on clichés and these are some of the most irritating ones according to the Reddit and BuzzFeed.

1. Every time someone wakes up in a hospital, the first thing they do is rip the IV out of their arm.


2. Whenever someone is in a hurry to get away, the car struggles to start.


3. Boy meets girl. Boy tells girl lie to impress her. Boy and Girl fall in love. Boy tells girl truth. “Our entire relationship is based on a lie! Did you ever even love me?”


4. When a cop is close to solving a case, he’ll be suspended from duty, which he’ll ignore.


5. When they end a phone conversation with someone, they never say “goodbye”. Just hang up the phone.”


6. Sneaky helicopters, the ones that suddenly appear with a great wall of sound 10 foot in front of the movies protagonist without warning.


7. When a character answers a phone and is overly descriptive, making sure you can follow both sidesof the phone conversation. e.g. “Hi, Mary. Yes, I took out the garbage. No, I will not be home before seven.”


8. When the ‘science-guy’ is explaining something to the main character using complicated technical-sounding terms, the first response is always some variation of “English, please?”.

Marvel Studios


9. Young 20-something year old with a low paying job in New York? Let’s have that character live in a giant apartment right in the middle of Manhattan.


10. Whenever someone stands in the shower and then turns it on. Like what? The water is freezing at first! No one does that.


11. Noone ever just coughs. If someone coughs, they’ll be in hospital in the next scene.


12. Mediocre guy rewarded with hot chick like it’s his trophy for doing good.


13. Two people have just met, and hate each other, but guess what: they’re the main leads, so by the end of the movie (about one day in the story), they’ll be in love.


14. No one ever just coughs. If someone coughs, they’ll be in hospital in the next scene.


15. Bedsheets that cover women from the chest down, but not men.

Kee Llewellyn via Facebook

16. No, dad, I’m giving up YOUR dream.


17. Women wearing men’s dress shirts as a sexy one-piece.


18. When someone is being chased, that person will trip on literally nothing and then not bother not to get up right away and just sit and wait there to die or wait for someone to help them get up again.


19. All members of alien species wear the same outfits, including clothing, hairstyles, and jewelry.


20. People wearing shoes in bed.


21. Women having perfect hair during battle scenes.


22. People breaking through glass windows without getting a single scratch.


23. Turning the TV on and immediately seeing the relevant news report.

Warner Brothers


24. “I didn’t sign up for this!” – Cop that signed up to deal with the exact scenario they’re presented with.


25. The dead villain is not dead.


h/t BuzzFeed

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