25 of The Best Films of 2019

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

2019 was full of amazing movies worthy of our time and hard-earned money. Check out the video below which highlights 25 movies that video editor, David Dhrlich, felt where the best and the video is set on a brilliant audio score.

You may agree with some of his favorites and you may not agree with some of them, but it’s a perfect way to start a discussion on what some of our favorite movies of the year are versus what some of the best are. Sometimes of the favorites don’t go with your screen preferences what are considered to be the best.

Here’s the full list of titles featured in the video:

  1. Portrait of the Lady on Fire

  2. Parasite

  3. Little Women

  4. Ad Astra

  5. The Farewell

  6. The Souvenir

  7. Uncut Gems

  8. Synonyms

  9. Her Smell

  10. Knives Out

  11. The Irishman

  12. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

  13. Pain & Glory

  14. Midsommar

  15. High Life

  16. Varda by Agnès

  17. Diamantino

  18. Transit

  19. Atlantics

  20. A Hidden Life

  21. I Lost My Body

  22. The Beach Bum

  23. The Hottest August

  24. Us

  25. Hustlers

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