25 Times People Uncovered Fake Instagrammers

Fake Instagrammers

Most of us are at home during the pandemic, so it’s only natural that we have more time to kill online and on social media. With that, more people are noticing just how much fake people there is on Instagram and posting their finds on the Instagram Reality subreddit which has over 767k members.

Here we have a collection of such masterpieces, scroll down for some not that great creative work.

This Just Makes Me LaughEver Wondered Why The Clothes You Ordered Don’t Fit You Like They Do The Models?

Why?... This Is.. Wow Why Do People Hate Themselves This Much?

This Girl Who Dotted In A Fake Piercing

I Could Use Her Face To Study Trigonometry

Insta Pics vs. TV Candid. Also, He Licked A Public Toilet For The “Coronavirus Challenge” And Now He Has Covid-19

It Gets Worse The More You Look

I Didn’t Know Rays Of The Sunlight Could Bend!

She Wins Photoshop!

Known For Editing Her Breasts Often- She Forgot To Edit One This Time

Dude Went From White To BlackfishingWhen You See It

It Doesn’t Even Look Like The Same Person

The Camera Does Add 10 Pounds...

Objects In Mirror Are Curvier Than They Appear

The Longer You Look The More Ridiculous That Waist Looks

The Hands Really Got Me

Her Instagram V.s. Whistleblower's Photo

These Train Tracks Seem Very Believable

Her Hair Editing Is Giving Me A Headache

What Bleach Do You Use On Your Eyeballs?

These Two Are Supposed To Be The Same Person

Seems Legit!

Is She For Real??

Never Seen Somebody Photoshop Their Mug Shot Before

Her Post vs. Her Photographer’s Post

Every One Of Her Fb Photos Looks Like The One On The Left. (She’s 71!!)

No Eyes Are The Same, I Guess

We Should Rethink Our "They're Showing Texture" Gratification Posts

That’s A Very Unique Doorframe!




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