26 DIY Christmas Ornaments Made From Light Bulbs

Christmas is coming and people who like to do things by themselves and love to put a personal touch to the ornaments, We have a brilliant guide for DIY Christmas craft ideas, It seems that creativity levels are even higher because it is a super special time that everybody likes. Imagine what you can do with your own hands rather than buying ready-made decorations. It is much more enjoyable to know that you’ve made each item by yourself. Now imagine taking seemingly useless stuff like a burnt out light bulb and turn it into a beautiful piece of art? That’s right! Start collecting your light bulbs because you are going to get really excited about these ideas for easy and affordable DIY Christmas ornaments! And because it’s not a complicated task, kids would love helping in the crafting and preparations, as well. Let’s see how these light bulb tree ornaments are made.

easy diy christmas tree ornaments upcycled-light-bulbs-glitter

For the less experienced of you in crafting and painting, you can just spray paint your light bulbs or make them sparkling by gluing glitter powder. For the more skilled we greatly suggest you doing the Santa Claus light bulb with the cute face. In the end, it’s not very easy to draw a face on a curvy bulb. You will need also acrylic paint and polymer clay for the beard, mustache and nose. Be very careful with these after all these are bulbs and they are very fragile. Proceed with caution.

Tutorials for DIY Christmas ornaments

diy christmas ornaments light-bulbs-santa-polymer-clay-beard

diy christmas ornaments light-bulbs-santa-tutorial

Cover the metal end of the light bulb by making cute hats for your characters. Glue the hats to the light bulb using the hot glue gun. Alternatively you can use ribbons, garlands and yarn. Light bulb ornaments are really simple to decorate. Just make a trip to the craft store and buy some wiggly eyes, beads, sequins, pom-poms, ribbons, artificial snow and begin making your own homemade Christmas ornaments. Get inspired from our amazing collection of ideas!

DIY Christmas Ornaments Made From Light Bulbs

diy christmas ornaments light-bulbs-snowman-tutorial



homemade christmas tree ornaments upcycled light bulbs



light-bulbs-christmas-ornaments-cute-hats-holding-wreaths homemade-chritsmas-tree-ornaments-light-bulb-glitter-red-ribbon


homemade christmas tree ornaments-decoupage-santa




diy christmas tree ornaments light-bulbs-paint-glitter

diy christmas tree ornaments light-bulbs-cute-faces

diy christmas tree ornaments light-bulbs-bear-face-hat








diy christmas ornaments light-bulb-pengin-hat-felt-details




diy christmas ornaments light-bulb-snowman-hat-scarf-buttons

diy christmas ornaments light-bulbs-angel-cute-face-curly-fig





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