3 Big Mistakes Celebrities Keep Making

Kourtney Kardashian

Celebrities are as human as the next person. The only difference between them and the average Joe is the fact they’ve reached a level of fame and fortune few ever achieve. Despite this, celebrities seem prone to making mistakes that match their level of exposure. Whether it’s getting their phones hacked or saying the wrong thing on social media, they demonstrate that they don’t always make the best decisions. And it often seems celebrities don’t learn from the mistakes of others, despite with the frequency at which these mistakes occur. Following are three of the most common mistakes that celebrities just can’t seem to stay away from.

Social Media Gaffes

Everyone from Dr. Phil to Kourtney Kardashian has said something stupid on Twitter or Facebook. It’s as if they’ve forgotten that they’re talking to everyone in the room instead of having a private conversation. This can result in stream-of-consciousness posts that leave people scratching their heads. And the internet is much like that famous elephant: it never forgets. It won’t matter how fast a bad post gets pulled down. Someone took a screenshot and shared it with their friends on social media long before the post got deleted.

Getting Into Legal Troubles

Celebrities seem to get it in their heads that they’re above the law when, in fact, they’re held to the same standards as everyone else. You can imagine their surprise when they break the law and then wind up spending some time in the legal system. Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson are two of the more well-known lawbreakers, with Lohan having multiple DUIs and Gibson’s infamous racist rants when pulled over in 2006. They’re not the only ones by any stretch of the imagination, however. Many celebrities get into petty fights that land them in jail. All it seems to take for a celebrity to get into trouble is to have a few alcoholic drinks.

Screwing Upon Live TV

Celebrities have been dropping bombs and flubbing lines since the infancy of TV, back when there was no tape delay or censor button. But those were minor when compared to the Janet Jackson Superbowl incident when Justin Timberlake removed part of her costume by “accident.” It’s a moment that hasn’t been topped. Yet. But it’s not like they haven’t tried.

Maria Carey’s New Year’s Eve 2017 performance is proof that celebrities just don’t seem to understand the dangers of being on live TV. She claimed that she ran into technical difficulties when her earpiece failed to play the music for her cues. The producer said that everything was tested before going live and worked fine. So who’s telling the truth? Either way, Ms. Carey showed she did not grace under fire.

It’s a sure-fire bet that celebrities will continue making mistakes that get plastered all over the news and social media. They never seem to learn or listen to their handlers and think they are above it all when they truly are not.

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