3-Foot STAR WARS Model: Star Destroyer Eclipse

Star Destroyer Eclipse

This is the best custom-made model of the Super Star Destroyer Eclipse-Class from Dark Horse comics Star Wars: Dark Empire we have seen in a wile. It was buit by Fabio Delfino  It took him 8 months to build, it’s 3 feet long, you will see some details which you don’t see on other models from Star Wars.

Model of Super Star Destroyer Eclipse class (custom made), from “Star Wars: Dark Empire” comic book, it’s more than 1 meter long and completely homemade, built with an electrical system of lights and sounds, with more than 3 thousand pieces.

It’s NOT a Kit and NO Lego pieces.

It has 1 switch to control the “power on” of the lights, 2 switches to active the “superlaser” led and 1 switch to active the flexible led for the “primary ignition” (they can be controlled remotely by a wifi remote control).

Inside there is a speaker connected in bluetooth to a smartphone for the sound effects by a custom soundboard.

Star Destroyer Eclipse

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