3 Gambling Movies Based On True Stories

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The bulk of popular Hollywood gambling movies highlight trash-talking gangsters, volatile casino bosses, and staggering amounts of money. In reality, gambling at a casino is no more life-threatening than a walk in the park or you can try your luck at Agen SBOBET Terpercaya.

Here we have some real-life stories of those few people who make even the most pretentious of Hollywood films seem subdued.

High Roller

High Roller: The Stu Unger Movie (2003)

High Roller is a true story of teenage card prodigy Stu ‘The Kid’ Ungar, played by actor Michael Imperioli. While the movie was not well received at the box office, it very precisely describes the real-life events of the 1980’s Vegas poker rush.

High Roller is narrated by Imperioli and explains in a series of flashbacks from a motel room, giving a unique feel to the story. Starting with Unger’s childhood brought up in America as the son of a club owner and bookkeeper, it shows how the teenager finds his talent for poker and finally gets involved in gambling.

The movie won two awards, one for the Best Feature at the Nashville Film Festival and the other one is for Best Director at the San Diego Film Festival.


21 (2008)

The movie is based on the book “Bringing Down the House” by Ben Mezrich, 21 tells the story of a brilliant MIT math student Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) who couples up with one of his university teachers to beat the system and gain big in Vegas. It’s a fast-moving film and you won’t bored with it at any given time, it is a cool movie in a traditional casino movie genre, with a charming cast, elegant hotel rooms, loud music and lots of money. While the movie doesn’t necessarily draw a realistic portrayal of card-counting in Vegas establishments, it certainly holds the viewer fixed to the screen with exciting scenes and a twisted storyline.

Owning Mahowny

Owning Mahowny (2003)

This is one interesting movie to watch, star Phillip Seymour Hoffman won 3 best actor awards for his role in the movie he was playing Brian Mahowny in this wonderful movie about a Canadian bank manager with a gambling addiction. This is a real-life drama that follows the story of Mahowny as he tries to cover his ever-worsening obsession with friends and family.

John Hurt’s wonderful portrayal of cheap Atlantic City casino boss Victor Voss gives an eye-opening insight into the way casinos abuse and manages wealthy customers. Director Richard Kwietniowski crafts an engaging visual experience of gambling that gives the spectator a rare sneak peek into the unexpected hidden reality that clubs don’t want you to see. Each and every character in the movie, even the bellhops to the loan sharks, collectively form a surprisingly dark and cunning underworld that is as interesting as it is haunting.

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