3 Major Misconceptions About Modern Collegiate Life


Movies and television have a massive effect on the way we perceive certain groups of people, as well as locations. Indeed, there’s no better example of that than the modern college campus. If you’re envisioning something out of Animal House, for instance, then you’ve got the wrong idea about what the experience of higher education is actually like. However, you’re probably not alone in harboring this misconception. With that in mind, today we’re going to dispel some of the major myths surrounding college life –– and explain what it really means to be a student in modern times.


Massive Class Sizes 

The idea put forth in TVs and movies is that most college courses are taught in huge lecture halls, before hundreds of bored, uninterested student-onlookers. And while many state universities still utilize large locales for general education classes, a growing number of courses are taught in small groups. And that’s especially true of more advanced courses. To expand on that point even further, the very idea of a classroom or lecture hall is quickly becoming outdated –– due mostly to the rise of online education.


Pulling All-Nighters 

If there’s one movie trope that sums up the difficulty of college courses, it’s the idea that students need to stay up all hours of the night to study for tests, or to finish a lengthy academic essay. In reality, college professors are usually quite reasonable in their assignments, and with a little planning and care, most college students can avoid pulling the dreaded all-nighter.


College is for Kids 

If you think that college is reserved for people between the ages of 18-22, then you haven’t been paying attention. The truth is, there’s a growing number of non-traditional, adult students populating college campuses these days. Going back to school later on in life is no longer something done only by a small minority of professionals. Rather, a significant amount of entrepreneurs are heading back to college to pick up auxiliary degrees and certifications. In fact, it’s quickly becoming the new norm.


The Bottom Line 

Is going to college a rewarding and exciting experience? Of course, it is. So while there might not be ridiculous parties or over-the-top characters like the ones portrayed on the big screen, academic life also offers students the opportunity to let their hair down. Just remember to always indulge responsibly –– because even the most reserved individuals are still prone to making regrettable decisions from time to time. (In addition, note that there are usually a number of testing centers around most college campuses should you ever feel concern about your well-being.) At the end of the day, college is what you make of it, no more and no less.

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