3 Most Powerful Illustrations To Raise Awareness About Global Warming


This is the most touching illustrations, I have seen to raise awareness of global warming, Let’s face it most of us is still not serious about the issue. In an effort to raise public awareness of the ongoing destruction of animals’ natural habitats, several creative agencies collaborated on a project for the German-based environmental activists, Robin Wood.

Creative agency Grabarz & Partner worked with Analog / Digital and Illusion Bangkok to create three powerful CGI visuals to communicate the message that, “Destroying nature is destroying life”.

Agency: Grabarz & Partner
Client: Robin Wood
CCO: Ralf Heuel
Group CD: Florian Kitzing
Creative Direction: Andreas Lie
Art Buying: Anna Lena Meyer
Art Direction: Manuel Wolff
Copywriting: Katharina Kowalski
CGI: Illusion, Bangkok

illustrations-show-how-destroying-nature-destroys-life-2 illustrations-show-how-destroying-nature-destroys-life-8 illustrations-show-how-destroying-nature-destroys-life-7illustrations-show-how-destroying-nature-destroys-life-4 illustrations-show-how-destroying-nature-destroys-life-3

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