3 Skills Anyone Can Learn in a Week


Do you often find yourself looking at your life and wishing that you were able to do more? This doesn’t mean that you are unhappy with your life, it simply means that you want to be a better version of yourself, which is always a good thing. Self-improvement is an important skill, but it is something that is very easy to overlook. Fortunately, it is never too late to start working on improving yourself, or any specific aspect of your life that you choose.

The internet has made access to knowledge so much easier than we ever could have dreamed of in the past. This is a truly wonderful thing. It means that anyone who wants to learn a new skill is able to do so on their own initiative. These days, as long as you have an internet connection, you have access to all the educational resources you could ever want.

The following skills are ones that anyone can learn themselves with relative ease. Whether you are looking for something to improve your value professionally, to satisfy your curiosities and interests personally, or to unwind and find something to help you relax, these are all great skills that can be learned quickly and easily.


There is an infinite number of potential applications for coding. Those who are able to write software will be able to pick and choose what kind of work they want to do. Learning to code online is both easy and free. Code Academy is an excellent place to start, but be aware that making significant money in software is very difficult.

However, once you can code, you can begin to have fun. Coding doesn’t have to be a commercial exercise to be worthwhile. Any students of STEM subjects will find innumerable applications for their coding abilities.


The Japanese art of paper folding has long fascinated other cultures around the world. Some of the things that can be achieved with nothing more complicated than folding paper is truly remarkable. Learning how to do origami probably isn’t going to land you any lucrative work, but it is a really wonderful meditative exercise.

There are plenty of websites offering instruction on how to make various animals and other sculptures with origami. This art is the definition of ‘simple to do, difficult to master’. This guide to making an Origami Hat is a great place to start with origami.

Basic Languages

Ok, learning a language fluently will obviously take quite some time. However, you can learn the basics of a language, including the most common words and phrases, within a relatively short space of time. Learning another language is a great way of gaining a new appreciation for the culture. It also has obvious practical applications if you are planning a vacation. Duolingo is a great place to start with learning a language, and it’s completely free! Within a week, you should be able to learn enough to sustain yourself through your next overseas break.

Learning new skills on your own initiative is one of life’s great pleasures. There is something about learning that never ceases to appeal to us on an intuitive level. If you are looking for something you can learn, and see the results of, quickly, the above skills are great places to start.

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