3 Stephen King Universe Easter Egg’s You Might Missed in THE DARK TOWER Trailer


The Dark Tower trailer was released recently and I think it looks great! You may or may not have noticed a few Easter eggs in the trailer that offer nods to some of the other stories that Stephen King has told.

Pennywise the Clown

There’s a brief shot in the trailer that shows Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) wandering through a creepy forest where he comes face to face an old amusement park sign that says “Pennywise” with floating balloons.  As you know Pennywise is the terrifying clown from King’s It.

The Overlook Hotel

The Overlook Hotel from The Shining makes a brief appearance in a photo on the desk of Jake’s psychiatrist. The photo is shown when there is a rumble in the room. It’s already been revealed that Jake has a special ability called “The Shine” and you all know how that connects.

The Crimson King

Here’s a shot from the trailer that teases The Crimson King. We see Matthew McConaughey‘s Man in Black tap a wall of graffiti that says “All hail The Crimson King.” He is the main antagonist of The Dark Tower series.

He is the orchestrator of the chaos and decay in the Keystone World and much of that in all the other worlds connected by the Dark Tower. His ultimate goal is to tear down the Tower, bring about Discordia, and re-make the world in his image.

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