30 Before-And-After Special Effects

30 Before-And-After Special Effects

Visual effects are used to enhance the cinematic experience for us but sometimes excessive use of animation ruins the whole thing, I for one love the movies without any computer tech involved but hey it’s just me.  The tiger in Life of Pi wasn’t real (we all know that, right?) or the bear in The Revenant. Nor was most of what we saw in The Avengers. Oh, and Alice in Wonderland. That wasn’t real either. Sorry. But you might be surprised to learn that other movies have also been digitally manipulated, and in ways that you might not expect. Go through the 30 pictures below and be amazed to see how they created these cinemas historic moments.

01. Guardians Of The Galaxy



02. Game Of Thrones



03. Twilight Saga: Eclipse



04. The Hobbit


05. Life Of Pi


06. Alice In Wonderland


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