30 CutThroat Warning Signs That Don’t Come With Sugar-Coating

warning signs

Warning signs are supposed to have the basics of functional purposes. They can give directions, for example, or give the name of a street or place. Perhaps they are there to warn us of a possible hazard down the road. At times, a warning sign can inspire more fear and panic in a person than is necessary. Sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry, but who really wants to be told to watch out for getting eaten? I mean, how often is that really happening?

Sarcasm Meets Capitalism

It’s Only Fair

This Sign At My Uncles House


Good Advice

I Noticed A New Sign At My Doctors Office

At Pittsburgh Zoo - What?

Thanks For The Heads Up

This Corn Maze Sign

I Mean... It’s Not Wrong

Presenting Exhibit A


This Sign

I Have Well Meaning Neighbours Who Knock On My Door At All Times (All Times) To Inform Me Of Neighbourhood Discord

Gotta Be Bold To Urinate In Public In Tirana, Albania

This Sign Outside A Cabin My Family Is Staying In

At The Hippo Exhibit

This Sign At My Local Orthodox Church

Alligators Love Kids

Take A Guess

This Is A Real Sign

Public Service Announcement To All Kids

At A Nearby Wolf Sanctuary

Texas, Home Of The World's Scariest Sign

Just Another Day In Alaska

Crocodile Enclosure At Sydney Aquarium

No Idea What It Means But Can't Be Good

Trust Me, I Won't

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee-Uh Oh!

Seen At My Local Tattoo Studio

This Is How Our Tigers See You

My Relaxing Road Trip From Darwin To Melbourne, Australia



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