30 Examples Of Trolls Winning In Protests

Protests Troll

Peaceful protests are a good chance to exercise your freedom of speech, but sometimes when you take to the streets and make your voice heard while surrounded by people with related opinions and complaints. But freedom of speech applies to everybody, and some people use their freedom to hilariously troll protesters who have alternative views on stuff and sometimes some protests are for no good reason whatsoever. Check out some of the best protest trolls below.

San Diego LGBT Pride

I Came To Take Your Jobs

Pornography Harms

Pro-Life VS. Pro-Choice

Trolling The Protestors

Never Misses A Gay Event

He Was More Like Me Than Like You

Sir Ian Mckellen's Sign Is Everything

I Hope His Wife Has A Sense Of Humor

From Sunday's Gay Pride Parade In Chicago

Hide Your Daughters

These Two


Everybody Can Quote The Bible

Weird Hobby


Homo Sex Is...

This Protester In Chester


God Hates No One

I Had To Take A Stand

Fighting The Good Fight

Vader Hates Rebels

This Guy Is A Dumbass

Ad Of The Day

WestBoro Baptist Church Gets Trolled

Troll Spotted IRL

Makes No Sense Either

Where's Waldo?



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