30 Hilarious Coronavirus Jokes To Cheer You Up in Self-Isolation

Coronavirus Jokes

There is nothing funny about a global pandemic that has altered our everyday lives and livelihoods, closing down whole countries, and changed the very notion of human interaction. In these dire times of crisis, however, when we’re all scared about what will come next, don’t know what the hell is going on or when will it all end and when normal come back to life, comedy seems to be one of the best coping mechanisms which are needed to keep us sane.

Mother NaturePlease! Thanks In Advance

True Dat

Caring About The Important Things

They Are Doing Us Some Big Time Favour

Coronavirus Goverment Briefings



You Know They Are...

Why Tho



Day 8

How To Be An Alpha Male In 2020

Paging Dr. Gunter To The Burn Unit

This Is Her Third Time Going Out For A Walk

This Situation Is Bringing Out The Best In Us

We Won't Expect It

It's True Tho

Creepy Times

Wear A Mask And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

That Was Fast

Mario Is Displeased

Do Not Forget The Indoor Pool

Dutch Weather During Covid-19


Hope You Guys Get Though These Tough Times

How Do You Guys Find Funny Titles?

Trust No One




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