30 Hilarious Doppelgangers In The Most Unexpected Of Places


The world is a complicated place and there’s a lot of variety that you can get out of it. Our faces aren’t any different. There’s a one in 135 chance that a pair of doppelgängers are somewhere in the world. Some of us are strong enough to spin that wheel of features, and as luck would have it, find themselves looking like Jesus, on very old paintings or in children’s books, the most bizarre or rare part is that you are there see it for yourself and take a photo with it. This compilation is devoted to all the unlikely face matches found in the most unusual of places.

Whoever Understood The Impact Of This Photo, Understood EverythingIn The FleshI Can Only Hope To Be Painted So Someone In The Future Can Do This As WellAwkwardMy Godson Think He's The Royal PrinceLinguini From RatatouilleMy Friend Found Himself In A Bag Of ChipsMy Japanese Friend Found A Game About Himself In A Shop In The NetherlandsWhen You Go To Get A Flu Shot And The Pharmacist Is Your DoppelgangerMy Haircut Is 200 Years Out Of DateI Found My Doppelgänger In This Painting At A Local Art ExhibitNoticed A Peculiar Resemblance In My Friend's Nativity Scene Today. I Present You, The Fresh Prince Of BethlehemSo My Friend Just Found Her Kid's DoppelgangerFound Myself In Berlin MuseumThe Adoration Of The MagiFriend Looks Exactly Like The Painting At A BarFound My Doppelganger In Poland, Unfortunately It Was On A "Willy Brush"My Husband Ken Found A Mini Plastic Version Of Himself At HomegoodsLookalikesDoppelgänger "Juno"My Daughter And This PaintingMy Friend Found His Doppelganger In The Subway Last NightCheck Out This Hot Guy I Found On The CornerThe Time Picasso Portrayed MeStill Wondering Whether He Did This On Purpose Or NotSearching For DoppelgangersThis Thrift Store Photo Is My DoppelgangerJust Doing ThatI Was At Work When We Noticed A Fantastic LookalikeThe South American Version Of ShrekMy Doctor Said: "You Kinda Look Like That Guy On The Wall Over There!"See That Picture In The Background? That Isn’t MeI've Been Told I Look Like Chris PrattToday I Found My DoppelgangerSo He Kind Of Looks Like Me


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