30 Hilarious Tombstones By People With Immortal Sense of Humor


People’s last words will hold in our memory for a long time, but memory fades with time and stone is forever. Unless you get cremated, and your ashes end up in an urn or in some lake, your remains get a grave and a cool headstone, and with it – the last opportunity for a funny epitaph or a tagline to define who the person was that will be your last identity tag.

The people you will see below in this post were not famous for their life, but rather because of their eternal sense of humor, carved into their comic gravestones. From cute puns and father jokes from the afterlife to warnings about eternal life, these funny tombstones show you shouldn’t be serious in death.


If You Can Read This

Still There Was Love

Visiting My Grandma's Grave And Found This On A Tombstone Nearby

All Dressed Up An No Place To Go

Kay's Fudge

That's An Unusually Fun Tomb Stone


That's All Folks

Pardon For Not Rising

This Man's Tombstone Is A Giant Middle Finger

Merv Griffin Grave

Go Away

Ouija Grave

Hidden Message

I Came Here Without Being Consulted

Found While Out Planting Flags In The Cemetery For Memorial Day

Shit Happens

Arthur And His Wife

She Always Said Her Feet Were Killing Her, But No One Believed Her

Uncle Walter

Funny Tombstone Sayings

She Answered

Think Of Me And Smile

I See Dumb People

On The Backside Of Mom's Headstone

Found This Gem At The Local Cemetery, When You See It

Daddy's Own Language On A Headstone


Walking Through A Cemetery When All Of A Sudden...




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