30 Jerks Spotted Stockpiling During The Coronavirus Crisis

Some people are acting to the coronavirus in a very responsible way. But not everyone some are panic-buying, hoarding essentials, leaving nothing to buy for everyone else, and displaying how much they don’t care about social distancing. And there are some people who are even hoping to scalp others by reselling basic supplies like toilet paper at the highest of prices and make a fast buck, like these two ass**** brothers.

The Old Man & His Wife In My Building Rarely Leavs Their Apt. They Was Very PleasedAnd... Reverse!

This Man Drove 1,000+ Miles And Bought 17,000 Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer And Wipes.This Man Drove 1,000+ Miles And Bought 17,000 Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer And Wipes, But Now He Can't Find Buyers. Boo-Hoo

If This Is You: [Screw] YouWhich One Are You?Just.... Man, [screw] Her. I’ll Never Understand Why People Are Such Assh*lesThe More You Take, The Less There Is For Everyone ElseSeriously...Another Profiteer Clearing Out Thermometers At Costco. Spent His Time In The Line Up Bragging How Much Money He Would Make Marking Up The Sale Of TheseWhoever You Are, [Screw] You!My Kid Has A Non-Coronavirus Related Fever. But Panic Shopping Has Made It Hard To Find Medicine[Screw] This Person, TooAustralia Right Now. Corona Virus Panic Has Already HitAssh*le In My County Bought All Of This Toilet Paper And Is Now Trying To Sell It In Various Facebook GroupsThis Person Is Buying Three Pallets Of Disinfectant Wipes. Don’t Be This Person. [Screw] This PersonEntitled Woman Goes To Red RobinSeattle Has Chosen Its Food Of Choice For Corona Catastrophe 2020This Couple In Canada, Reselling Wipes Online For Around $90 Cad Bought From Costco'sOther Than Panic Buying Being Incredibly Selfish And Unnecessary, How Does Someone Have The Space To Refrigerate All This Milk?I Don't Fear The Virus, I Fear A Run On SuppliesCostco As Soon They Announced School ClosingCongrats, You’re Part Of The ProblemStay Classy You Opportunistic Assh*ledBuying All Hand SanitizerEmpty And Messy Shelves At A Tesco Supermarket After Panic BuyingThis Picture Was Taken At My Local Costco. We're Doomed FolksBritish Shoppers Are Being Urged Not To PanicPeople Are Panic-Buying Eggs Now? You Assh*les Know You Can’t Grow Chickens With Those Right?Today's Line As Soon As Costco Opened. People Fighting For Water, Toilet Paper, Rice, And Other Essentials

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