30 Morons Spotted In The Wild


Lives are changed and we’re finding out that adapting to the “new normal” is very hard than it looks. While most of us sometimes slip up, there are some people who have utterly left rational thought by the roadside as soon as the quarantine came into effect.

People are avoiding products that have the name “Corona” in them, some of us are microwaving money to “disinfect” it and disregarding safe facemask and glove use is a full another thing altogether.

Well, Thank Goodness The Virus Can't Move Sideways

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$5000 Canadian after being disinfected in a microwave.

$5000 Canadian After Someone Using The Microwave To Disinfect It

5G —> Death = ScienceTo Make This SafeIf You Can’t Smell It, You Can’t Get ItWellSo, My Work Had A Meeting About The Importance Of Social Distancing TodayTo Shield The FaceShe's Wearing A Mesh Bee Keeper Type Helmet. I'm Not Sure She Gets The PointSocial Gathering At St Kilda Beach TodayThis Guy Was Eating His Food Wearing The Same Gloves He's Been Wearing Since He Walked InHow To Protect Yourself From CoronavirusLadies And Gentlemen, The President Of Our Meatpacking Plant While Talking About The Plant's Safety Procedures During The VirusI Don’t Think She Knows What “Quarantining” MeansTo Protect Against COVID-19

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner Doesn’t Seem To Understand How To Put On A Medical Mask Either. Mayor, Your Nostrils Are Showing

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner Doesn't Seem To Understand How To Put On A Medical Mask Either. Mayor, Your Nostrils Are ShowingIt Was Painful Watching This HappenNo, I Don't Use My Nose To BreatheI Don't Believe This Is Proper Glove-Wearing ProtocolProtesters Against Quarantine Back Again At The Ohio StatehouseSomeone Brought These Bills To The Bank They Tried To Sanitize In A MicrowaveGood To Know Coronavirus Only Travels Forward And BackwardsN95s Filtering Improves If You Wear It As A HeadbandThere Was An Attempt To Use A MaskI Don't Think That's How It WorksHe's A Little Confused But He Got The SpiritSeen Today In The Atlanta Airport - Babies In Comforter Bags



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