30 Of The Most Real Graffiti Related To Coronavirus

Coronavirus has changed the entire world. People are concerned, and the streets are deserted. Well, almost deserted. When it comes to the streets, you can only assume one group to roam and stay faithful to them, and they are the street artists. The explanation’s quite easy: even in more tranquil times, these rogues are no strangers to hazards, such as the law, and now it’s no different. Also, they wore facemasks before it was “cool.” In times where all the galleries and museums are shut down, the streets have become the canvas for artists’ creativity. Let’s take a look at how street artists around the world have translated the current situation.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Artist: Fake

Copenhagen, Denmark. Artist: Welinoo

Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Teachr1Barcelona, Spain. Artist: TvboyLos Angeles, USA. Artist: PonywaveBarcelona, Spain. Artist: TvboyRio De Janeiro, Brazil. Artist: Aira OcrespoBerlin, Germany. Artist: EME FreethinkerPompei, Italy. Artist: Nello PetrucciMalmö, Sweden. Artist: Richard JugginsLos Angeles, USA. Artist: Corie MattieLos Angeles, USA. Artist: Rasmus BalstrømJindbayne, Australia. Artist: N/ABarcelona, Spain. Artist: TvboyGlasgow, UK. Artist: The Rebel BearMiami, USA. Artist: Sean “Hula” YoroMumbai, India. Artist: Tyler Street ArtBristol, UK. Artist: AngusLondon, UK. Artist: PegausWarsaw, PolandTartu, Estonia. Artist: Princess TänaBryne, Norway. Artist: PøbelBristol, UK. Artist: John D'ohNew York, USA. Artist: Jason NaylorGlasgow, UK. Artist: The Rebel BearLos Angeles, USA. Artist: Jeremy NovyNew York, USA. Artist: CrkshnkMelbourne, Australia. Artist: Lush SuxUnited Kingdom. Artist: GnasherBristol, UK. Artist: John D'ohDublin, Ireland. Artist: Subset CollectiveNew York, USA. Artist: Jilly BallisticNew York, USA. Artist: Jilly BallisticLos Angeles, USA. Artist: Ruben RojasBristol, UK. Artist: Angusart85Copenhagen. Denmark. Artist: Andreas WelinLondon, UK. Artist: N/A


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