30 People Found Things In Their Houses While Quarantine-Cleaning


Cleaning your home can be just as interesting as having your home clean. With a little bit of luck, you can find things you didn’t even remember you had. I mean, just look at the wealth people who have already started their spring cleaning have discovered within their four walls. From a Blockbuster membership card to a stack of money, these antiques surely made their chores worth the time and effort.

This Map From 1941 I Found Cleaning My Grandpas RoomThings-Found-Quarantine-CleaningThings-Found-Quarantine-CleaningMy Dad Found These Tickets While Quarantine CleaningLook What I Found While Doing Some Spring Cleaning. Original Star Wars Figures From 1980Quarantine Cleaning - Found My Very First Bra (It’s The Napkin On The Bottom)Found This While Cleaning. Hi, Dad. Miss YouThings-Found-Quarantine-CleaningFound While Clearing Yard. Weighs About 6 Lbs. Area Has Ww2 History

Found while clearing yard. Weighs about 6 lbs. It looks like a MK 1 shrapnel round. WWI projectile made by the French, and used by allies.

Things-Found-Quarantine-CleaningSince We're All Stuck In The House, My Family Finally Had A Chance To Do Some Spring Cleaning. Cleaned So Deep That We Unearthed Some Cans Of Food Leftover From The Y2k Scare. Behold, 20 Year-Old Dehydrated BroccoliThis Old Box Of Straight Razors I Found Cleaning Out The BasementWhile Cleaning Out My Attic I Found Out That Bruce Willis Also Had An Early Music CareerThings-Found-Quarantine-CleaningThings-Found-Quarantine-CleaningFound A Stash Behind A WallThings-Found-Quarantine-CleaningThings-Found-Quarantine-CleaningMy Wife Found A Small Fortune In The Basement Today. We Donated Them To Our Local HospitalFound The Newspaper That Announced Elizabeth As Queen.Quarantine Cleaning The Garage And I Hit The JackpotFound While Cleaning, Seems Extra Relevant These DaysThings-Found-Quarantine-CleaningWas Cleaning Out A Closet And Found These Uno Cards That Are Water ResistantCleaning My Attic During Quarantine. Found All My Past Mobile Phones Starting With Beeper OcThings-Found-Quarantine-CleaningThings-Found-Quarantine-CleaningThis Map I Found While Cleaning UpMoved Back In With My Parents And Am Helping My Dad Clean The Shed. Forgot These Were In There. That’s The Quarantine Entertainment Sorted

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