30 Pics From The George Floyd Protests That The Mainstream Media Isn’t Sharing

George Floyd Protest Photos

Protests have exploded all over America over the killing of George Floyd. Cities are forcing curfews and states are deploying National Guard to calm down the demonstrators but they proceed to show pain and anger with chants, signs, and outbreaks of disturbance and violence.

And while many questions, like what’s going to happen to the police officers implicated in the incident, are still pending, one thing is certain: the calls for justice and an end to police cruelty against African Americans have united the whole country and people of all races are taking a knee together.

But in this panic there isn’t all bad you will see people who are showing love and compassion. This is post is for those heroes who stand with their morals and values in this wind of chaos.

A Group Of Black People Protecting A Cop Who Got Separated From The Others

A Veteran Protesting His Government After Fighting For It Shows The United Fight For Equality

Portland, Oregon. Police Demonstrating And Trying To Show They Hear And Understand The Frustration.

A Protester And A Police Officer Today In Fargo. This Is What Solidarity Looks Like

We’re Stronger Together

From The Raleigh Protest

George Floyd - Philadelphia Protest Today

It’s Not White vs. Black, Rich vs. Poor, Police vs. Citizens....it’s Everyone vs. Racists

Helping Cleaning Up

My 6yr Old Daughter, She Sees Whats On The News, We Explained What Happened To George Floyd And She Was Mortified. Today She Made A Sign And Is Doing Her Own Peaceful Protest In Our Front Yard. I Am So Proud!

This Man Has Been Standing Alone In Our Town Square For The Past Few Days, Gods Bless His Courage

Even The 'Church Of God' Community Are Standing By George

Santa Cruz Police Chief Taking A Knee With Peaceful Protesters During A Demonstration In Santa Cruz, Ca

Cops In Kansas City Joined The Local Protest

Spreading The Love

Danish Sympathy March For George Floyd. ~10.000 People Marching Peacefully Through Copenhagen.

This Is Also Happening In Minneapolis

Police Captain Joins Protesters

Modist Brewing In Minneapolis

Protesters Gathering In Front Of The Us Embassy In Berlin, Germany Today. We Stand With You

A Friend Of Mine In Minnesota. Stay Safe, Everyone. Except You, Tony.

Police In Muskegon, Mi Showing Their Support For Protesters Outside Of The County Courthouse Today.

A Group Of People Forming A Human Barricade And Protecting The Store To Prevent People From Looting

The Police Taking A Knee With Protesters In Miami, Florida

Where Are The News Vans Now?

It’s Not Black vs. White People, It Is Everyone vs. Racists

5/31/20 Washington Dc. “What The Media Doesn’t Show”

Standing Together With The Residents

Protesters Spray Painted All Over This Monument Last Night. We Were All Trying To Scrub It Off When This Guy Showed Up With A Powerwasher.

Lawers Offering Pro Bono Services For Arrested Protestors

Police In Downtown Portland Are Kneeling In Front Of Protesters

There Is Hope



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