30 Pics: Online Group Has Asked People To Show Outside Their Window And People Responded

View from my window

The “View from my window” Facebook group is a very interesting group and you can check out the view of some very interesting windows.

With over 2.1 million members, the “View from my window” page is a social media behemoth. The group welcomes people from all around the world to unite with others by posting a photo and a brief description, while people in the comments say a quick “hello” from wherever in the world they are.

Check out some of the very interesting photos and what people see outside their windows while being in lockdown.


Outside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsPeople Are Sharing What The View Is Like From Their Windows In This Facebook Group, And Here Are 138 Of The Top SubmissionsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-PicsOutside-My-Window-Pics


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