30 Real Size Comparisons That Will Blow Your Mind

Real Size Comparisons

We often don’t understand exactly how big or small some things really are until it’s clearly revealed to us. And here we have 30 amazing size comparisons thanks to cracked, and these facts will blow your mind away:

CRACKED.COM This is the actual size of a wind turbine blade.

Curiosity (2013) Sojourner (1997) CRACKED COMTHE JUMBOTRON AT DALLAS COWBOYS STADIUM AT&T STADIUM 160 ft 72 ft 1/0 BEING WASHED BY MEN IN BASKET CRANES. CRACKED.COMOlympus Mons (Mars) Mount Everest CRACKED COMCRACKED.COM Michelangelo's David stands tall at nearly 17ft. Here he is undergoing restoration.CRACKED.COM HERCULES the liger TOUR Hercules is the world's LIGERLIGER COM BUS largest cat. Не weighs over 900 lbs, he's 6 feet tall when sitting, and 11 feet tall when standing on his hind legs. ABD 661 Here he is next to his average-sized handler and double decker bus.CRACKED.COM 100,000,000,000, 000,000,000x In size, a string in string theory is to an electron what a human is to Milky Way galaxy. 100,000,000,000, 000,000,000x eThis is the world's longest insect; it's 24.6 inches long. Species name: Phryganistria chinensis Zhao The researcher who found it initially mistook it for part of a tree. CRACKED.COMThis is a satellite view of the Grand Canyon: This is Vallis Marineris, on Mars: Here's how they'd look at the same scale: CRACKED.COMm m m r m m m m m m m ... m m m B m m It takes 2,177,988,019 MEMs m m to fill a C-5 Galaxy. But it takes -68 C-5s to hold the 146 billion MEMs produced each year. CRACKED.COMCRACKED.COM Sequoia seeds Grown sequoiaThe Pentagon contains 17.5 miles of hallways. Area 80 3655 Fillmore Street 5 h 43 min 16.7 miles 1 280° That's longer than a 5 h 18 min pedestrian route from 15.3 miles San Francisco's north South San end to its south end. Fr cisco O 506 Hawthorne Avenue Pacifica 1 CRACKED.COMCRACKED.COM THE WORLD OF MINECRAFT HAS MORE SURFACE AREA THAN URANUSAnts outnumber humans by 1.4 millions to one. Stars outnumber ants by 30 millions to one. CRACKED.COMAlaska covers 663,300 square miles. GRAGKED.COM It makes up about 17.8% of the United States' area.CRACKED.COM RUSSIA IS ABOUT 400, 000 км² BIGGER THAN PLUTO M People's Anagen - PAR Nogyn Korea - RUSSIA - - une - ONE - - PULA -Fleas can jump 220 times their own body length and 150 times their own body height. If we were to scale one up to our size it would be like us jumping over two Great Pyramids! CRACKED.COMGRAGKED.COM DEAD This is the world's largest working rifle. It is owned by James А. DeCaine (USA) and it is 10.18 m (33 ft 4 in) long.CRACKED.COM IF THE MOON WAS AS BIG AS JUPITER, THIS IS HOW OUR NIGHT SKY WOULD LOOKLARGEST BAT SMALLEST BAT Giant Kitti's Golden-Crowned Hog-Nosed Flying Fox Bat CRACKED COMTHIS IS 25-YEAR-OLD JYOTI KISANJI AMGE, FROM INDIA, THE WORLD'S SHORTEST LIVING WOMAN AT JUST PRETTY 2 FEET mg 0.7 INCHES 15 (62.8 cm) TALL. CRACKED.COMCRACKED.COM US National Debt $17,962,642,948,000 AMES (est.) the ITEM : EMIER THE 12 1. 12 L 48088285 . 12 - 1 ONE DOLLAH (Or, a stack of dollar bills going to the moon and back 5 times.)Hitler's planned Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster tank was 138 feet long (longer than seven Sherman tanks) and was meant to fire a shell larger than a Mini Cooper. GRACKED.COMAll of the continents on Earth could fit inside the CRACKED.COM Pacific Ocean.The highest mountains in the world are nothing compared to the sheer massiveness of our planet. In fact, if you shrunk the Earth down to the size of a billiard ball... 13 12 4 ...it would be smoother than the billiard ball. GRACKED.COMCRACKED.COM THIS IS WHAT ONE BILLION DILLARY DOLLARS WOULD LOOK LIKE One Billion Dollars Stack height One Million Dollars 19 feet 5 .8 meters ФО STACKED ON A A I TENNIS COURT, COMPARED TO A STACK OF ONE MILLION.The Great Lakes truly are great. Lake Michigan is so - - big it could take in Belgium... UNITED - BILLAND I KINGDOM TWICE! - - CONA GERMANY - Also, it is larger than 9 .. Paris you separate American - states. FRANCE Lake Superior THE - SWEDEN - could engulf all of - - - Scotland! - - - Mintk MIX Atlantic Ocean INTA - Also, it is almost the ISSUARE - - - size of Indiana. m - People's - - State CRACKED COMEarth Mercury Venus 4,879 km / 3,031 miles 12,104 km/7,521 miles Mars 6,771 km/4,207 miles Jupiter 139,822 km/86,881 miles All the planets in our Solar System could fit between the distance from Earth to the Moon. Saturn 116,464 km/72,367 miles Uranus 50,724 km / 31,518 miles CRACKED.COM Neptune 49,244 km/30,598 miles Distance to spare Moon ] 4,392 km/2,729 milesBurj Khalifa (World's tallest building) 2,717ft One World Trade Center 1,792 ft Empire State Building 1,454ft Q1 (Tallest building in Australia) 1,058 ft US Bank Tower (Tallest building in Los Angeles) 1,018ft Golden Gate Bridge 746 ft Pyramid at Giza 455 ft Sydney Harbour Bridge 440 ft Taj Mahal 240 ft Sydney Opera House 213 ft Uluru 1,142 ft Uluru. Uluru is the preferred Aboriginal name for Ayer's Rock, a sandstone 1 MILE outcrop in the center of Australia. It rises 1,142 feet above the desert floor. It is estimated to extend at Satellite View least 8,000 feet below theSINCE WE RARELY SEE EAGLES UP CLOSE, IT MAY BE DIFFICULT TO VISUALIZE THAT THE FEET AND TALONS OF AN ADULT EAGLE... ARE THE SIZE OF AN ADULT HUMAN HAND. CRACKED.COM597 ft. The Statue of Unity in India is so tall the Statue of Liberty could barely touch his knees with her torch. 152 ft. CRACKED.COM

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