30 Worst Designs Made During The Corona Pandemic Benefits No One

Worst Designs

Not every idea at 2 AM is genius and equally brilliant when it comes to life. The truth is, most of our “Light Bulb!” moments turn out to be pretty silly designs, and yet nobody takes a lesson from it. Check out such examples below.

"Join Hands" To Make Hospitals "Infection Free"Member Of The Ukrainian Parliament Wearing Her Crotchet MaskNot The Best Way To Be InspirationalThis Book That Explains Covid-19 To Kids Has People Wearing Their Masks IncorrectlyApparently Nothing AnymoreGovernor Of Georgia Arranged Covid-19 Not In Chronological Order To Make Appear That The Cases Are Decreasing (Look At The Dates)A Pie Chart Out Of 178%

Hand Sanitizer Bottle That Looks More Like A Drink

This Hand Sanitizer Bottle That Looks More Like A Drink

I Don't Think That's How Nail Polish WorksA Face Mask With Holes, What Could Go WrongWhy Does Blue Represent 2 ThingsJust Stick Your Hand In The Trash For A Little Sanitizer. At A Hospital No LessGreat Way To Stop Spreading GermsHow To Kill Your Customers 101 - Liquido, Vape Shop In My City, Is Adding Tiny, 10 Ml Hand Sanitizer To Every Purchase (72% Ethanol)Moldova Is Feeling Very Thankful For All The Help Received From China In Battling The CoronavirusThis Legend Is Far From LegendaryLightest To Darkest Shade Except For The Maximum Where It’s The Lightest. Makes Sense To Me!I'm Pretty Sure 72 Hours Is Less Than 5 Days.Don’t Let A Pandemic Stop You From Telling People About Your Foot FetishBecause Of Covid, The Buttons On This Lift Have Been Replaced With Pedals. People In Wheelchairs Have Issues Operating The Lift NowSnapchat Filter Describing Tips To Not Get The Coronavirus Depicts Someone Coughing Into Their Hands (Not A Good Idea)You're Telling Me No One Involved In Making This Looked At It And Said "Darn We Can't Use That It Looks Horrific"The DiscrepancyThe Y-Axis On This Fox News Graph Of Coronavirus CasesA Peculiar Image Choice For Their Covid-19 Email NewsletterCDC's "None" Is A Darker Shade Than The 11-20 & 21-50 Case ColorsPlease Mask WearUsing A Virus To Promote Your GameInventors Developed A Coronavirus Mask That Lets You Eat Without Taking It Off. Squeeze A Lever And It Opens A Slot So You Can Go At It Like Pac-Man


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