After 30 Years, Ghostbusters Still Resonates

GHOSTBUSTERS 30th Anniversary Art Show Posters

It’s a good time to be a Ghostbusters fan. The second film came out 25 years ago and the original five years before that, leading to a slew of special edition releases putting the franchise back in the pop culture consciousness.

This year in particular, it feels like the Ghostbusters are everywhere you look. In conjunction with those same special editions of the films, the 1984 classic got a theater re-release and Krispy Kreme sold Ghostbuster-themed donuts nationwide.

Now this week, the surviving members of the original cast reunited for the cover of Entertainment Weekly, news that spread much joy around the internet. The EW cover also led to new public comments on the planned reboot of the franchise.

Fan shave been in a tizzy over the news since it broke earlier this year that Paul Feig would be helming a new chapter in the franchise with females taking over the proton packs. It would be the first new installment to the Ghostbusters mythos not to come in the form of a video game since the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon series went off the air in 1997.

Bill Murray has famously distanced himself from the idea of making any future films in the series with the original cast, and reiterated his position, jokingly saying ” The money’s not right yet,” before clarifying that “It’s really hard to recreate something that was so beautiful, so wonderful.” He has seemed fine with the idea of someone ELSE making more films however, even going so far as to offer his own casting choices for the Feig film several months ago.

Even without the unforgettable Peter Venkman and crew, it seems certain that fans will be getting more Ghostbusters on the big screen sooner rather than later. After years of rumors and development problems, having a plan as firm as Feig’s in place and out in the public knowledge implies that it is all but certain to finally, mercifully, get done. With any luck, the success of the first female Ghostbusters film mat very well kick start a franchise that will grace movie theaters for years to come.

While they wait, however, fans can always kick back with a donut, a copy of the new EW magazine, and pop in their anniversary Blu-Rays and enjoy one of the most beloved comedy films of all-time.

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