$300 Joystick Built for Farming Simulator


Saitek makes brilliant game controllers. The latest isn’t an accurate reproduction of an airplane’s entire control panel or a two-stick setup built for space combat — it’s a tractor dashboard with pedals!


Saitek designed the new controller to complete your Farming Simulator 2015 experience. The full setup consists of three components. There’s the wheel, complete with a removable knob for easy one-hand turns of up to 900 degrees. Then you’ve the side panel and its 20 programmable buttons and control stick (for manipulating tractor attachments, not aiming and firing rockets). A pair of pedals rounds out the rig, which will retail for $299.99 when it arrives this fall. You can buy in stages, too, if you can’t justify the whole cost in one go. The wheel and pedals go for $149.99 and so does the dash panel.


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