33 Incredible Pictures of Dubai’s Wealth

Dubai Wealth (33)

Everyone knows about Dubai and it’s wealth and it’s wealthy population. These 33 amazing pictures of Dubai’s wealth will amaze you. Ok, not impressed but someone have to close your jaw at the end of the post.

Dubai is incredibly beautiful, It lights up at night like none other. Dubai is one of the seven Emirati states that make up the United Arab Emirates. Its strategic location has made it a strong commercial focus, especially with India. Although now Dubai is distinguished by having good relations with most countries.

A mid-nineteenth century Dubai was under the protectorate of Britain. Dubai currently has the right to control and all its natural resources. Oil and Gas Dubai’s resources were important in the past, but today trade is more important and has a port among the most important top 10 in the world.

In summer Dubai has temperatures are above 40 degrees and the lowest temperature can be found on the winter nights at 14º.

Dubai’s population is approximately 1.5 million. Over 70% of the population of India and Pakistan.

Endnote: It is one incredible city and everyone should save up and visit it one time.. and then you will be ruined for anywhere else.

You can do rafting in Dubai

Dubai Wealth (2)

You can even buy gold vending machines

Dubai Wealth (3)

Sports Cars gold plated

Dubai Wealth (4)

And police force is equipped with incredible Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, and even McLaren’s.

Dubai Wealth (5)

Exotic animals are also transported by car

Dubai Wealth (6)

The malls have Aquariums! Huge ones.

Dubai Wealth (7)

You can ski in Dubai with 40 degress outside.

Dubai Wealth (8)

And the people of Dubai and tourists have so much fun skiing

Dubai Wealth (9)

Rafael Nadal, the famous Spanish tennis player, loves to Dubai

Dubai Wealth (10)

If you like surfing so you can find in Dubai

Dubai Wealth (11)

And in aquariums you can see amazing marine fish

Dubai Wealth (12)

You will be offered an iPad and iPhone golden shower in some hotels

Dubai Wealth (13)

A pretty girls with pretty huge engines also like Dubai

Dubai Wealth (14)

With Tennis courts on top of hotels


Gold-plated cars parked on the street

Dubai Wealth (16)

Or if you prefer diamond’s

Dubai Wealth (17)

Prospects in Dubai are Heavenly

Dubai Wealth (18)

And wild animals are also pets

Dubai Wealth (19)

Or navigators

Dubai Wealth (20)

Some rich men love to live with exotic animals at home

Dubai Wealth (21)

A lovely Audi, right?

Dubai Wealth (22)

More golden cars

Dubai Wealth (23)

And the peace of smoke a Shisha, You have to try this if you visit Dubai!

Dubai Wealth (24)

Camel rides on the Beach, Yep they still like primitive ways

Dubai Wealth (25)

Dubai Wealth (26)

But in Dubai and committed religious life also lives with the Quran

Dubai Wealth (27)

And spectacular nights, Trust me you won’t see anything like this anywhere else!

Dubai Wealth (28)

Burj Al Arab, 321 meters high, is the flagship hotel of Dubai

Dubai Wealth (29)

The traditions are still maintained in Dubai

Dubai Wealth (30)

And gold appears anywhere

Dubai Wealth (31)

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