38 Incredible Facts About Planet Earth II

21. With the terrain making it near impossible to film snow leopards, the team set up 20 camera traps in various mountains, with sensors to trigger recording.

22. Some members of the production team pretended to be leopards to test whether the cameras were working first.

23. Some of the crews’ cars and cameras were blessed in a special Hindu ceremony called puja.

24. To film the monkeys clambering over roofs in India, long cables with cameras attached needed to be set up. To rig this up, the production team threw cables tied to satsumas from roof to roof.

25. The BBC worked with the United Nations to find the swarms of flying locusts in Madagascar. It took weeks as many roads were blocked by flooding. “It’s amazing to think that with the combined might of the United Nations and the BBC, we are eventually defeated by a puddle,” said a member of the crew.

26. In the end the crew borrowed a helicopter from the UN. They eventually found a billion locusts.

27. It was one of the largest swarms ever recorded on film.

28. To capture the rare sight of dolphins in the middle of a rainforest, some crew had to wait for a week before they could spot anything. At first, they saw them for just a couple of seconds.

29. In the end they managed to film five dolphins at once, by using a drone.

30. No turtles died in the sequence when they got distracted by the artificial lights of the beaches of Barbados. The production team worked with the Barbados Sea Turtle Project, who then released them all into the sea.

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