38 Incredible Facts About Planet Earth II

31. Interfering with nature is usually not allowed when filming documentaries, but producer Tom Hugh-Jones explained to Radio 4’s PM that the turtles going the wrong way “didn’t feel like a natural situation” and didn’t question it.

32. Hugh-Jones said that filming the racing snakes was also deeply affecting, as well as the fairy tern that was looking after its cracked egg.

33. The crew also kept cheering on the baby iguanas to escape during the snake chasing scene. “It’s a massive adrenaline buzz” Elizabeth White told GQ.

34. Each member of the crew was only allowed to take one personal bag on each trip. In an Elle interview, a member of the production crew brought haribo and chocolates as treats.

35. Around 150,000 antelope were killed by disease while Planet Earth II crew were filming them in May 2015. It was a mass death that was not anticipated.

36. Planet Earth II was the most watched nature documentary broadcast on the BBC in 15 years.

37. More young people watched Planet Earth II than live episodes of The X Factor.

38. In an article written for the Radio Times, Attenborough mentioned this fact and said that it “pleases me enormously”.

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