3D Animated Marvel Hero and Villain Size Comparison Video

Marvel Hero and Villain Size Comparison

Global Data, a data research firm, has created a visually stunning 3D animated video that showcases the size comparison of Marvel superheroes and villains from smallest to largest. The video is an impressive feat of data visualization that brings to life the incredible scale of the characters in the Marvel universe.

The video begins by showing the smallest character on the scale, Ant-Man, who is only 1 cm (0.4 in) tall. From there, it takes viewers on a journey through the vast range of characters, showing how they stack up against each other in terms of size.

As the video progresses, things start to get interesting. The scale of some of the characters is truly mind-boggling, with some of them towering over entire planets. For instance, Ego the Living Planet is shown to be an astonishing 43,000 km (26,718 miles) in diameter, while the Celestials – a race of god-like beings – are even larger, with some of them reaching up to 200,000 km (124,274 miles) in height.

But the ultimate size champion in the Marvel universe is the Living Tribunal, an immensely powerful cosmic entity that is over 803,250 km (499,116 miles) high. This mind-blowing scale comparison puts into perspective just how enormous some of these characters are.

Overall, Global Data’s video is an impressive display of data visualization that highlights the incredible scale of the Marvel universe. It’s a fascinating watch for fans of the franchise and anyone interested in the sheer magnitude of fictional characters.

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