3D printed house in just 24 hours

Bahrokh Khoshnevis, a professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Southern California, along with a group of scientists has designed technology that will allow for a 3D printed house in just 24 hours.

3D printed house in just 24 hours

The technology for 3D printing has the name of “contour crafting” and not surprisingly the tech has caught the eye of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, along with NASA too. A huge 3D printer will make the way for designers to create large liveable structures from concrete.

It has been said that contour crafting will bring down the costs of owning a home by making it easier for repairs to be made to properties that have suffered damage. Contour crafting can embed electricity, air conditioning and plumbing into the property during the build.

3D printed house in just 24 hours

Just as with typical house building, a foundation has to be laid, starting by leveling out the area for the house to be built on. Around the perimeter of the plot, a trench has to be made and this has to be filled in with concrete and then rails are laid on two sides of the perimeter. The 3D printing device can then be raised or lowered with the help of a crane, while at the same time being fed with the materials for building.

Bahrokh Khoshnevis said that “using this process, a single house or a colony of houses, each with possibly a different design, may be automatically constructed in a single run.”

More options for this type of technology are being explored by the developers and there is little doubt that the tech does have plenty of potential. Today people tend to think about lots of money being needed for projects such as this, but the developers behind it think that it’s about time this concept was forgotten about so that humans can move on and thrive.


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