4 Entertaining Typing Race Games to Keep You Busy

Typing Race Games

Whether you’re good at typing or not, typing race games may turn into your new favorite pastime. If you’re the speediest typist in your family, you’ll be able to dominate each challenge. If you still prefer typing with just your index fingers, these games could help you advance your skills while providing entertainment at the same time. Typing race games come in a variety of difficulties and storylines, but they all involve collecting points for accuracy, speed, and technical skill. However, you shouldn’t necessarily opt for any old typing game. For one thing, many typing games are meant for kids who are learning how to use a QWERTY keyboard for the first time. For another, many of them are badly designed, glitchy, or too old to function on modern browsers. Instead, try a site like Foony, that has modern, well-designed games (including typing race games) that will keep you entertained for hours.

If you’re wondering which typing race games won’t leave you frustrated, you’ve come to the right place. The games discussed below are quite popular, and are entirely worthy of their fans’ enthusiasm.


What’s the difference between typing race games and educational typing games?

On the surface, they’re both pretty similar. They have colorful graphics, and they require players to type in order to move the game forward. However, they also have quite a few differences.

  • Speed – Typing race games can take players from basic to complex challenges relatively quickly, depending on how far they’re able to get in the game. If they care to spend the time, advanced typists can reach the end of a game in a single session; the game won’t keep them at a basic level if they have the skills to go past it. Educational typing games, on the other hand, often come with actual lessons along with the gameplay. Players can advance more quickly if they already have the skills, but they’ll still have to slog through a lot of busywork in the lower levels before they reach more complex challenges.
  • Style – With typing race games, you’re more likely to get themes and graphics that appeal to adults; think Star Wars or zombies. With educational typing games, you’re more likely to get neon-colored cartoon bears that are stacking cups together. Both types of games can make you better at typing, but educational typing games are often designed with younger children in mind.
  • Parameters for “game over” – Typing race games can have some pretty unforgiving conditions for players. In some cases, just a single mis-typed word can result in instant death. This obviously wouldn’t be suitable for a typing game that was designed for learning purposes, which tend to be much more forgiving of mistakes.


1: Typing Attack

As the player, you’ll have to fend off “attacks” of words that come from the side of the screen. As each word is typed correctly, you’ll gain points (and avoid dying). You’ll get to choose from three different levels of difficulty, which is great for beginners and experts alike. As the game advances and you extend your winning streak, the words will get trickier to type. When you defeat the most difficult words, you’ll even get to see their special behaviors. And of course, there are plenty of missiles and explosions to demonstrate the effectiveness of your typing skills in vanquishing the opponent!


2: NitroType

This is one of the most feature-rich typing race games out there. Typing games are a pretty obscure niche, so they tend to be fairly simplistic; however, NitroType bridges the gap between minimalistic typing games and more complex online multiplayer games. You’ll be able to challenge other typists from all over the world, but the fun doesn’t stop there. If you register for an account, you’ll also be able to earn the game’s currency for each race, buy items and gear, and unlock brand-new cars. Surprisingly, this game had its origins as a teaching aid that was used in classrooms. Some of its features include the ability to track progress, which isn’t that unusual for a racing game. When you think of it as a learning aid, though, it makes sense that teachers would want to ensure that each student was making good progress.


3: Keyboard Ninja

Beginners will love Keyboard Ninja, since the focus is on individual key placement rather than entire words. An assortment of fruits and bombs are tossed up into the air, and the player has to type in the letter associated with the fruit before they hit the ground. Type the letter of a bomb, though, and you’re toast! It’s assumed that this game is for people who are new to QWERTY keyboards, but it can also be great for those who are learning how to use other keyboards. For example, some users have said that Keyboard Ninja helped them master the Colemak keyboard layout, thanks to its slower pacing and simpler design.


4: Desert Typing Racer

Here you’ll find a game that takes “typing race game” a bit more literally. You’ll play the role of a driver who’s burning up the miles on a desert road. Unfortunately you’re in the wrong lane, and there are other cars headed your way. The solution? You have to type the word associated with each car in order to avoid collision. Unlike with some other typing race games, a single failure doesn’t automatically mean game over. However, crashing into another car does result in damage. This damage will be tracked as the game progresses, and if you reach 100% damage, that’s the end of the line. The good news is that you’ll have a small number of jumps which will let you hop over the cars that you can’t clear by typing. Use them sparingly, though; the game gets more difficult as you progress, and you don’t want to use all of them up before the hard part has even started!


The takeaway

You’ve discovered some of the top typing race games on the internet; now it’s time for you to try them out for yourself!

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