4 Historic NYC Backdrops Used by Wedding Photographers

Historic NYC Backdrops

Any professional wedding photographer will admit that a good backdrop is a key to amazing shots. Most wedding photographers tend to find it hard to choose the right backdrops for on-location shoots. However, there are phenomenal New York backdrops that most wedding photographers have found to be of great help to their work. With that being said, let’s dive into some of the most historic backdrops wedding photographers use.

Studio dynamics canvas

When it comes to backdrops, there is nothing more precious than quality. Canvas backdrops are of high quality, and they offer less raw material. The studio dynamics canvasses are usually painted by skilled artists, giving them the perfect works of art. Also, while the paint used is of high quality guaranteeing longevity, users can also make custom requests and the canvas is flexible enough to be folded a few times down its original size. The only downside with the studio dynamics canvas is that it is costly, but the many advantages it comes with makes it worth every penny.

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Savage wide tone seamless background paper

One of the many reasons why most photographers prefer to use the paper seamless backdrops is because of their ease of use and availability, not to mention the different sizes and colors they come in. Depending on the needs of the photographer, the backdrops come in sizes ranging from 26*36’ to 140*105’. Also, if a part of the seamless background paper gets dirty or damaged, it can be trimmed off and this offers convenience to a lot of users.

Botero collapsible background

The Botero collapsible background is a lightweight backdrop that can be folded into a size small enough to fit in a backpack. Most of them come in 8*16 foot adjustable floor pieces, but professionals who want smaller sizes can opt for 5*7’ collapsible background. However, going with the 8-foot adjustable floor pieces make it easier for photographers to make clean and full-length portraits. That makes is a perfect option for wedding photographers.

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Lastolite collapsible reversible background

With this kind of backdrop, you don’t need to carry a tripod stand to support it as it is standalone, with a wire tightly holding the fabric in place and efficient background design. These backdrops are made with waterproof fabric which is also both translucent and crease-resistant. What’s more, the backdrop is flexible enough to fold to 3-times less its size making it easily portable. One major perk of the Lastolite backdrops is its versatility. Most photographers love the fact that it is two in one, most of them preferring either white/black or white/grey. There are also less traditional color combinations and this enables diverse creative possibilities.

Bottom line

Wedding photographers now don’t worry about on-location shoots. Besides the many hacks and secrets to perfect wedding photos, backdrops are some of the most sought-after assets, and the good thing is that they are well-diversified to fit the needs of different photographers. Through understanding the scope of their work, wedding photographers can easily choose the best backdrop for any gig.


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