4 Leading Château Margaux Wines That Bordeaux Region Has Ever Crafted

Chateau Margaux

Chateau Margaux wines are of the top-rated wine brands that Bordeaux has ever made. They are even defined as a true epitome of elegance due to the fact that they offer a very supple and polished red wine flavor. Out of the other blends that Bordeaux has created, Margaux wines are powerful blends yet they can elegantly seduce every wine lover because of its sensual texture and velvety tannin content.

Generally, each bottle of Chateau Margaux is made from unique elements of dark berries, cassis, truffles, violets, and tobacco essence. Aside from that, each label comes in a different size, variety, type, and especially the prices. Moreover, each bottle of Margaux wines that are produced in Bordeaux showcases a perfect blend of exquisite floral notes that leaves a long-lasting finish inside your mouth.

Furthermore, all Chateau Margaux wines display a strong and bold tannin content which gives you a strong feeling as soon as you take a sip of it. That’s why you have to be a pro wine taster when you drink it. For first-timers, it is best that you start drinking is slowly to avoid any hitches upon tasting it. It also leaves a long-lasting finish in your taste buds and can last even up until a minute

With all the given Margaux wines in the market, it’s pretty obvious that you are on your feet getting this kind of wine. So, as you along and head on to your most favorite winery store, here are some of Chateau Margaux wines you must grab directly which got the best wine ratings of wines from famous wine experts. Rest assured that these Margaux wines can truly give justice of what Bordeaux’s Premier Grand Cru can offer.


2003 Margaux

This is one of the Margaux wine labels that is crafted with full intensity and complexity. Aside from that, this label comes in a purple color with a deep sense of getting away from its mate which is Chateau Margaux 1990. It also comes with a velvet flavor accompanied by the elements extracted from melted licorice, pain grille, creme de cassis, and camphor.

Although the 2003 Margaux is not seen to have the most concentrated texture, it exudes a super extraordinary lightness and surreal delicacy. Lastly, it has a very sweet taste which offers a strong tannin content that is very alluring to every wine taster. Truly, the 2003 Margaux wine is a Bordeaux blend that’s worth a try now.


1990 Margaux

If you are looking for a not so strong wine taste yet still offers a beautiful aroma, then it’s time to grab a bottle of 1990 Margaux. This wine exudes a simple and sensual taste of camphor, spring flowers, black fruits, red fruits, and licorice. This wine is aged thoroughly in oak barrels to showcase an excellent red wine flavor.

As mentioned, this wine comes with a lower acidity; however, it still offers an opulent and fresh richness of aroma inside your palate. It exudes a precise taste displaying a very stunning sense of aroma and maturity. It is said that the 1990 Chateau Margaux is one of the most legendary wines ever crafted in Bordeaux that offers unique flavor coming from simple and humble beginnings.


2005 Margaux

The 2005 Margaux label offers a lot of sense of minerality. This wine really tastes primal inside your palate in such a way that you can feel a full crystalline-like taste of bilberry and blackberry. The fruity flavor is fully savored once it reaches your taste buds and can ultimately exude a sense of graphite. It comes very strong to the nose and if you swirl it the more it extracts a stronger minerality essence.

Furthermore, the tannin content is strong, but it is beautifully balanced. It also holds a slight grip inside your mouth if you’re almost through drinking it. Ideally, this wine has a very feminine quality that most loved by wine tasters to serve in a backyard or pajama party. It offers true perfection and produces the right amount of alcohol in celebrating true friendships.


1985 Margaux

This is one of the first growths of Margaux wines. One of the best vintages wines that Bordeaux region had offered to the world. It’s a red wine that exudes a true perfection of deliciousness. As this wine reaches your lips, you can’t resist in sipping in right away as you will get directly enticed with the sweetest flavor it exudes. This wine possesses a beautiful blend of red berries, truffle, and Medjool figs and dates. When these elements are combined, you’ll never go wrong in choosing this Margaux wine.

Lastly, the 1985 Margaux comes in a full-bodied tannin content that offers a sweet, weightless, and strong backbone flavor. Also, it gives a long-lasting finish which comes really sensual until its last drop.


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